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At PUMC, we have an exciting music ministry, including three Choirs. Here is an archived sampling of anthems from the Chancel Choir during the Sunday Morning services. Click here for more information about the choirs (and how to become a member of these choirs)..

Chancel Choir:

February 28, 2016: Go Not Far From Me, Oh God

January 31, 2016: The Morning Trumpet

January 24, 2016: Holy, Holy, Holy

January 17, 2016: Seek First the Kingdom

Jan. 16, 2016: In the Valley Flows a River

Oct. 24, 2015: Pray for the People

Oct. 10, 2015: In-A That Day

February 23, 2014: Sure Foundation(Mark Hayes)

February 16, 2014: Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant (Pepper Choplin)

February 9, 2014: Psalms 150 (arranged by Lloyd Larson)

January 26, 2014: CornerStone

January 12, 2014: Walk Along Beside Me, O Lord

October 6, 2013: They Shall Soar Like Eagles
with Diane Jackson on Violin

CCLI License CSPL044970 applies. Downloading or copying of these selections not permitted.


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