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Annual Conference

The Desert Southwest Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church met in Glendale Az. June 18- 21. Representing our congregation as Lay Leader was an honor and privilege. Annual Conference is a time of conducting much of the “business” of our Conference with representation from all the congregations making up our Conference. It is also a time of fellowship, learning, sharing, and worship.

The consideration of Resolutions dealing with issues of concern is part of the proceedings. There were 7 Resolutions brought forth and passed this year. They are available for viewing at http://www.dscumc.org/ac

Five of these resolutions will be going to General Conference for consideration in 2016. In the following months the resolutions with reference links for further information will be on the webpage.

The process of considering each Resolution which is led by our

Bishop, Robert Hoshibata, involves what is called “Holy Conferencing”.

Discussions are based upon respect for each individual, for the body of the church, and respect for the prayerful process at work. Following

oral presentation of each Resolution the Bishop calls for a time of discussion at the tables at which we are seated. We sit with members from other congregations, this broadens our sharing of ideas.

Next the Bishop calls for comments, each speaker is identified, recognized, and delivers comments. The Bishop seeks to hear an equal number of comments for and against each Resolution. The voting is open to members elected to Annual Conference. Every vote is preceded by a prayer. For me, during this experience I sense true respect for individual dignity. Diversity of view and conviction to ideas are honored.

Resolution 10.04, Inclusivity, deals with the issue of sexual orientation and the United Methodist’s historical stance regarding those of varying sexual orientation. The issue is one that UMC has and will continue to debate, and discuss. Each congregation of the Desert Southwest Conference is called upon to be in prayerful consideration of this issue.

More information about all the resolutions will be coming.

To learn more about our Desert Southwest Annual Conference you are invited to attend Wonderful Wednesday on Sept 23, when Pastor Patti, Lois Jucksch, and I will offer a presentation.

Prayerfully submitted by Peggy Rambikur, Lay Leader PUMC

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