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Immigration Issues

With the immigration bill being considered by congress, issues surrounding immigration are in the spotlight. 

As Christians we are challenged by these issues. The short documentary, “Jasmine’s Story”, chronicles the story of a young woman, born in the U.S. to Guatemalan parents.

Her challenges and her relationship with her United Methodist church in Michigan can offer us insight and raise questions as we consider immigration issues from a Christian perspective. 

You are invited to watch the video and prayerfully consider the ways in which it speaks to you.

A few questions to consider are:

1. Considering that most of us, unless we are Native American, have an immigration story, recall your own family’s history of arriving in the United States. Were there any conditions of hardship associated with your family’s story?

2.  Which person in Jasmine’s story do you relate to most easily, and why?

3.  How did you react to the way the Ypsilanti church community responded and why?

4. What attitudes and behaviors does Christ call us to use when considering difficult and emotion filled issues such as immigration?

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on this issue.

May God, who loves us all, guide our thoughts and actions.


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