Other Recent Programs

The Methodist Men’s Club continued its Men in Action program by scheduling two activities for September: 

The first was the Annual Mexican Food Dinner, which was held at 5 PM, Friday, September 13. Prepared by club members with considerable help from their wives, this home-cooked meal was planned to fill even the most ravenous of appetites, said Jack McLain, club president.

The second event was the Saturday, September 21, 2013 men’s club breakfast which included a presentation about the Legacy Committee and its expanding role in the church. Jim Swenson, Legacy Committee Chair, discussed how the committee is creating opportunities for church members and constituents to give to the church through wills, annuities, trusts or other gifts to create a permanent memorial legacy.


August Program

On August 17th, 2013, Tracey McConnellGrants & Operations Officer Yavapai County Community Foundation, presented "Give Where You Live -Helping Communities Survive & Prosper."

 McConnell shared how the YCCF is leveraging resources to help those who have been impacted by the tradegy of the Yarnall Hill fire.

A Two-part Series Contrasting Christianity and Islam Was the Focus of the Breakfast Meetings in April and May, 2013

April 20: Jesus or Mohammed

May 18: Eternal Life or Mohammed's Paradise

Nationally known scholar and speaker, Dr. Eugene Grimm addressed these topics on the dates noted.  His intent was to help those in attendance better understand the ideological differences between Christianity and Islam.

Contrasting Christianity and Islam --

Grimm is an ordained Lutheran Minister and holds a doctorate of ministry.   Now a resident of Prescott, Grimm for 45 years served Lutheran congregations in Ohio and conducted seminars at more than 600 congregations representing more than 30 denominations in 33 states.

Given that Islam is a rapidly expanding religious influence in the world, it is vital that members of both religions understand the actual ideological differences between these two belief systems.

Honor Flight Arizona Program

Dedicated to World War II Veterans

Was Featured at the March 23, 2013 Breakfast 


 This non-profit charitable organization transports veterans of World War II to Washington, D.C., to view the memorial created in their recognition.

Susan Howe, RN, from Prescott, is the President of Honor Flight North-Central Arizona.  She, Kapu and Jay Ebby and their children, Phillip and Kirsi, will tell of the ongoing efforts to give WW II vets the experience of seeing the famed monument in the nation's Capital.  In Arizona, three chapters of Honor Flight function, one out of Prescott, one in Prescott and one in Yuma.  Nationally, 28 states have chapters.

Locally, Howe and her colleagues help identify qualified veterans for the monthly three-day trip on Southwest Airlines, which provides transportation at no cost. The veterans travel at no expense to themselves and are well cared for,  Ask PUMC'ers Al Cheney and Len Covello about their experiences on an Honor Flight.  This will be an enlightening and inspirational program.


The February 16, 2013 meeting of 

the Methodist Men featured Diane Iverson, Director, Open Door.  Iverson discussed how Open Door, a program functioning under the Coalition for Compassion and Justice, addresses needs of ow incolme residents in Yavaapai County.

PUMC members Debbie Ayers and  Prescott Campus Chancellor  Dr. Frank Ayers escorted outstanding students from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to the January 19th, 2013 breakfast meeting of the Methodist Men’s Club.   

At  meeting,   the Ayers  discussed the exceptional programs at ERAU and had students share their educational and professional experiences with those present.


Debbie Ayers, on left, and  Prescott Campus Chancellor Dr. Frank Ayers, on right, with the ERAU students who attended thr breakfast. 

ERAU graduates are among the top leaders in the aero-space and aviation industry. Ayers and his colleagues are intent on expanding the influence of the institution throughout the world.

The Annual Spagetti Dinner in February, 2013 involved good food and fun and was an excellent fund raiser:

 Spaghetti Supper Preparation
Enjoying the Spagetti Supper






 November, October, September & August Programs


 Brad Newman, executive director of Yavapai Exceptional Industries, was the featured speaker for the November 17, 2012 Methodist Men’s meeting.


On October 20th, 2012, Ray Carlson, a retired university professor and President of the Prescott Computer Society spoke on "Making Friends With Your Computer" 


On August 18, 2012, Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk spoke to more than 90 persons attending the monthly breakfast.  Discussing “The Holocaust—What You Do Matters,” 


 Additional Information on the November Meeting: 


Newman, an Arizona native who attended Catholic schools in Phoenix,  discussed the tremendous achievements of developmentally disabled adult residents of central Arizona who are involved in YEI programs.


Since 1976, Newman has provided leadership for YEI, which has as its central mission the creation of employment for people with disabilities.

Newman, an Arizona native who attended Catholic schools in Phoenix,  discussed the tremendous achievements of developmentally disabled adult residents of central Arizona who are involved in YEI programs.


 Additional Information on the October Meeting: 

Want to solve those anxious moments when your computer won’t cooperate? 

 Ray Carlson
Carlson demonstrated steps that tend to be successful in resolving the everyday problems that can cause stress. For more than 30 years, he has tried to help people with such challenges as well as being involved with computer assisted instruction, computer simulations, and use of the internet for educational purposes. 


Click here to see a pdf file of the presentation:




 Additional Information on the August Program:

Shiela PolkSheila PolkThe picture to the left shows Sheila Polk making her remarks, and those below show her being thanked by many who attended, and talking with Dave Alberts and with her mother-in-law, Barbara Polk after the presentation.  Polk stressed that citizens need to be constantly diligent of actions the government is taking and the consequences of such actions on the future.  Polk has been honored by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum for her work in developing ethical leadership programs for law enforcement personnel. In addition, she received the Prescott Area Leadership “Woman of the Year” award in 2011.


Sheila with others after meeting


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